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You may book your room directly with the hotel here:  NH Palermo

There are very many other options nearby. Please try and select something in the old town or nearby the venue which is at Foro Italico Umberto 22/B. See map at bottom of page.

About Palermo

Palermo castle view

Nestled in the heart of Sicily, Palermo stands as a vibrant tapestry of cultures interwoven within its architecture. A stroll through its streets reveals a captivating blend of influences, from the intricate Byzantine mosaics to the graceful Moorish domes, and from the ornate Baroque churches to the majestic Gothic palaces.

Among Palermo's historical treasures, several landmarks stand out, leaving an indelible mark on visitors. The imposing Palermo Cathedral, adorned with centuries of history, the resplendent Palazzo dei Normanni with its golden hues, and the awe-inspiring mosaics of the Capella Palatina are just a few examples.

Yet, Palermo is more than just its historical splendor. It pulsates with life, boasting bustling souks and chic restaurants that cater to both tradition and innovation. As the city undergoes a rejuvenation, it welcomes visitors with open arms, promising not just beauty but also safety. Prepare to be enchanted as Palermo's charm embraces you wholeheartedly.

View the Offical Tourist Information that will inform you about many things including about Palermo.

Link to an honest somewhat different Palermo tourism page: HERE


By Train

Trains connect Palermo to every major Italian city.  The train is ferried accross the Strait of Messina!

There are trains from many cities and towns throughout Sicily as well.  

See Italia Rail:

By Ferry

You can find ferries direct to Palermo from:

  • Naples
  • Genova
  • Salerno
  • Livorno
  • Tunisi
  • Cagliari
  • Civitavecchia

By Aeroplane

Aeroporto Falcone Borsellino (PMO) – This is the international airport located 35 Km, 30 minutes (by vehicle) from Palermo’s City Center.

Birgi Airport – This is a small port where lower-end companies land. It is located roughly two hours by vehicle from Palermo. Not recommended.

You might also consider Vincenzo Bellini Catania International Airport (CTA). There are many international flights there. You will need to take a train or bus to Palermo.

Falcone Borselllino Airport Transport to City Centre by Public Transport

The train connects the airport with Palermo city centre.  See Italia Rail: 

  • Two trains an hour in each direction. If you choose the service that makes fewer stops, you can reach the city center from "Palermo Airport" in just over half an hour.
  • The first train in the morning leaves from Palermo Centrale at 04.00 and from Palermo Airport at 05.20.
  • The last train of the evening leaves from Palermo Centrale at 10.12pm and from Palermo Airport at 00.25am. 
  • From Palermo to the airport tickets cost only €6.80.


Falcone Borsellino Airport Transport to City Centre by Taxi

A taxi from Aeroporto Falcone Borsellino (PMO) airport into Palermo city centre varies according to your departure terminal and your destination. The cost will be around €50.

See more info here Please read the section "Palermo Airport Taxi Scams to Avoid"

Weather & Clothing

The dress code for the Course will be casual attire.  The weather is likely to be mild.

Average high 26 degrees Celcius.

Average low 20 degrees Celcius.

Average days of rain Oct. 6.

Average humidity 70%

View the current weather here


The Euro € is the accepted currency in Italy.

ATMs are found everywhere. Many smaller stores only accept cash. Most restaurants accept credit cards, but we recommend you ask them in advance to avoid surprises.


For Italy there are two associated plug types, types C and F. Plug type C is the plug which has two round pins and plug type F is the plug which has two round pins with two earth clips on the side. Italy operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

plug and adaptor image

Event Location - Foro Italico, 22/B 90133 Palermo - Italy

NH Palermo

Foro Italico, 22/B
Palermo Italy 90133

Facing the seaside promenade, 1 km from the central bus/train station and harbour, the hotel is just a few steps away from the 18th century Villa Giulia gardens. The Pallermo Cathedral and Palazzo dei Normanni are 2 km away.

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